Online Eragon universe

Have you ever wanted to live in Alagaësia? Master the art of battling, drink lots of wine and even learn to use magic? Join us at World of Alagaësia, where you can travel around fantastic places, delve into the world where dragons exist and you are a cadet. And who knows? Maybe you will find yourself luckier, or unluckier than the characters we have grown to love in Eragon.

Unique friendships

Everyone on World of Alagaesia has one interest in common: Eragon. You will immediately get to know other new fellow students and will most certainly form lots of unique friendships. Who knows, maybe you'll even find your new best friend at the Sorting.?

Active chat

Enjoy yourself in the chat and write about whatever you desire. What did your Alagaesia-friends do today and did you hear the latest gossip?


Let your user unfold in the Dining hall or perhaps you have a date in the Western Lands? Everything is possible in the topics and is (almost) only limited by your imagination.

Achievements & Levels

Get the coolest achievements and show them off to your friends. Gain experience and level up and discover then new functions on World of Alagaesia. The higher level you achieve, the better a cadet you are.


Shop in Teirm or Carvahall! Are you thirsty, then buy yourself a drink. Want to defend yourself? Then buy a weapon at the Weaponsmithy! Or how about scrolls to read from the Surdan scrolls?


Learn all about weapons in the weaponry class or submit a homework on how to heal wounds in the medical class. You can enroll in more than 10 wonderful but different classes.