Meet the Maker
A look into how a character and the person behind thr are similar or even different.

- From : Leilani Atherton

Let Alagaësia see how similar you really are...
Cera Smith

What do you and your character have in common?
Likes reading, awkward when it comes to crushes, animal and kid lover.

What are your biggest differences?
Um well, she's 90 and I am only 20 so that's kinda big, she's been married and I haven't, shes not a diabetic and I am that's pretty big. I'm more social irl than Cera is due to our personalities. Shes more soft-spoken I'm more bubbly and outgoing.

Is your character now, everything you thought they would be?
Besides one small detail yes she is how I thought she would be.

Game of Favorites: OOG vs IG

Colour? purple
Weather? snowy
Season? winter
Animal? capybara
Food & Drink? any sort of pasta and tea
Music? soft melodic music
Place? library


Colour? purple
Weather? sunny but not too sunny
Season? spring its not too hot or cold
Animal? cats
Food & Drink? sushi and arizona green tea
Music? pop and rock
Place? this small ice cream place in my town

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Special thanks to the SoMe department of WoW for letting me adapt their idea for WoA!

Code - Yrel Winterhold
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Dalmar Dremaeon

Dalmar Dremaeon This is so cool! Cera is very cute! ^-^

Lynea Sardothien

Lynea Sardothien Oh!!!! I love this!!!

Sylvanas Olasandorell

Sylvanas Olasandorell Volunteer for the interviews people! :D

Anya Caidh


Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock I loved this!!

Aurora Marlow


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