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come join and see what Brittany has to say

- From : Leilani Atherton


Hello there !
Welcome to the weekly blog articles " Stuff Saturday ". I'm Kendel and together we're going through interviews around the stuff memebers of our lovely site.
We will find interesting facts about them, why they're here and their purpose and of course anything else we can find *nods*

Please give a warm welcome to the one and only Brittany Black, trainer of Equestrian Class !!!


Good afternoon, lady Black !
I'm very excited about having you here with us, tonight. As you can see we used carpets so you won't fall or slide *coughs*

1. So, the first is always a general question. What or who draw you to join in this wonderful site, full of legends and adventures ?

- It was actually Amalise Johnson who got me to join. She and a few others were trying to get me to join every site that I wasn't on at that point in time.

2. In every single site ? They are so many already, i can't imagine the stress to be on so many.

What's the best thing to be a trainer of Equestrian Class ?

- Best thing about being the trainer for Equestrian Class, is teaching everyone else everything I know about horses. They are a big part of my life, so to get to teach others about them brings me great joy.

3. I love horses too ! They are always a good company, especially when you go for adventures. It's like your " crime partner " *laughs*

I noticed that you are 100% giggly. Tells us something more about it *stares in intense way at her*

- It means I'm constantly giggling about something. When I'm super happy about something, you can hear my giggling from far away and it never seems to stop. That's what "100% Giggly" means.

4. Is there anything you would like to change or add in the site ?

- This is a tricky one. I actually really like the way the site is, so I don't think I would want to add or change anything at all.

5. Well true. The site is amazing, i wouldn't imagine to change anything. Oh, except of adding more dragons !!!

And for our last one. If you could be queen for a day, what would be an action that you would do ?

- That everyone had to come to the stables and help take care of all the horses, because there are lots of them and I'm sure some people here have never encountered one before.

That was such a nice reply. And taking care of horses can help you have one in future, if you don't own. Plus they are the basic stuff you must know.


That's all folks !
I hope you all liked this interview and can't wait to see you next week with our new guest *winks*

Written by: Kendel Farwynn
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Sylvanas Olasandorell

Sylvanas Olasandorell Awesome Blog post Kendel! It was good to get to know a fellow trainer a bit more !

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