A Glimpse into Geography!
Have you ever wondered what Geography was like here in the Stronghold? Well here is your chance as our lovely boysen Amelle speaks with resident Geography Trainer Caspian!

- From : Tharrack Warstone




Welcome all to once again our introductions into our wonderful classes! This week I managed to get a hold of Caspian Guildenstern, our wonderful Geography teacher! I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about his class!





What class do you teach?


I teach the class where students learn about places, landmarks, or cities around Alagaesia: Geography!


Can you give us a description of your class.
Ah, a brief? I suppose I can make it short. My class is primarily designed to teach students about the natural architectures that populate Alagaesia, such as lakes, rivers, cities, or islands. I think it is very important for young minds to know where they are as well as learn how to identify them.

What is your favorite lesson that you have taught so far this year?
Considering it is still the beginning of the year, that is quite hard to say, but I did quite enjoy the class of week 10, I believe it was, last year, when the class was able to move down towards the lake and stay out of the classroom.


Can you give us a glimpse into your class?

Students of many ages approached the room, some more curious than others. To his great surprise, it didn’t take long before they found a place to sit, although their faces gave an expression of interest, boredom, why-the-heck-there-was-pine-sap-under-Wyll’s-desk. No matter, the man stood his position in the front of the room, clasping his hands together with gained excitement.


“Hello there, class! Welcome to Geography! Caspian Guildenstern, at your service!” With a few strange looks from the front row, he attempted to readdress himself. “That’s.. Me. Um.. ANYWAY, I am glad to see that each of you have found a place to sit, and I hope we have a ton of fun these next few years. Don’t worry, I hope it won’t be too boring for you. I want each of you to feel as if this class is a,” pausing for a moment, he thought of the perfect word to describe the situation, “like a second home for you. Some of you may have come into this class not knowing a single FACT about Geography, but I promise you, you will surely know more about the land as we progress.”


How many years is your class?
My class starts with the first years, and extends to complete all seven years of this school.


Wow! Thanks for sharing a little bit about your class and what you do Caspian! We can't wait to see what you bring this year to Geography!




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Vevri Brightsmith

Vevri Brightsmith I really enjoyed reading this! I can't wait to see what you write next! :D

Vaermina Moonshadow

Vaermina Moonshadow Great interview! Nice to know more!

Onora Roh

Onora Roh Ohh so intersting, will be enrolling...

Tharrack Warstone

Tharrack Warstone Great Work Amelle! You too Cas! I can't wait to see what happens this year!

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