The Riders
Good afternoon, my fellow readers of the realm !!! Welcome to the third article of " The Riders " ! I'm Kendel and together we're going to have an epic journey through the dragon-riders of the site.

- From : Igonée Delacroix

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Lynea Sardothien

Lynea Sardothien Love it Lyssa!!!

Vasilyssa Dyer

Vasilyssa Dyer Awww! Das me! Vega is also currently not speaking to me for telling everyone of the table thing.

Betrina Baggins

Betrina Baggins Ooooh Vasilyssa!

Taliyah Dragmoreus

Taliyah Dragmoreus ¡Great job, Kendel! <3

Igonée Delacroix

Igonée Delacroix What a lovely read! <3 I love to hear something more about dragon riders!

Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock Amazing!!

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