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sit and enjoy an interview done with our wonderful Anais.

- From : Leilani Atherton


I'm here. Right here, can you see me ? Oh you can. Alright, let's start *coughs*


Welcome to the weekly blog articles " Stuff Saturday ". I'm Kendel and together we're going through interviews around the stuff memebers of our lovely site.
We will find interesting facts about them, why they're here and their purpose and of course anything else we can find *nod*

Today we have a such wonderful person !
She's trainer of both Magic & Languages of Alagaësia, but the most important... she owns stunning hats *-*

Please welcome Anais Sardothien !

Good evening Anais.
Glad to have you with us, this week. This gif you have really suits you, by the way. It makes you shine *nods*

1. So, the first is always a general question. What or who draw you to join in this wonderful site, full of legends and adventures ?

- Good afternoon Mister Farwynn, glad to be here. Thank you, I just love to flip my hair, especially when i am rigth at something.

Well to be honest it was my dear friend and IG daughter who pulled me to this site. Sometimes I still blame her, but I am thankfull for bringing me her so I met a lot off new people and made new connections and friendships.

2. But imagine if she didn't pushed you to join. Then we wouldn't have a personality like yours around the chat *nods*

You are a Languages of Alagaësia trainer. Is this what you always wanted to be ? Do you have much interest of the many languages that exist ?

- To be honest I applied for the posistion of Leader for the Library team when I first came here. Even though I didn't got that job I received a different offer. Tharrack and Exina liked my applictaion that much apperently that I was offered a trainers position. After a short moment of thinking I accepted and I followed my IG daughters footsteps by taking Languages on me and Magic.

( OOC: I like languages as I speak 3 languages very good some even fluently and I started to learn a fourth language. But because I had no time I had to stop with the course. So I can say that I am interested in learning new languages even though it would be very hard for me as I have dyslexia ).

3. Hmmm i think you could do both very well. Writing books that gives the chance to every user read them and they will be always in the library. And teaching effects the apprentice's lifes. They might learn something for you that will follow them through their whole life !
Let's move to something more important now. Probably every user wonders that ( actually mostly me ) but you used to have a hat. What happened to this stunning hat ? *Waits for the answer so he can find a clue and claim it*

- Well I know you are obssed with the hat. Let me tell you a secret, the hat is somewhere safe so you can't steal it. I know you like it a lot, but it is someplace safe waiting for me to put him on again. *notes to make her house like a vault hard to break in.*

4. Oh yes of course, i know. I wouldn't never ahm... think to claim it. It's yours after all *is ready to sob*
That was intense... and a change. You're not wearing any hat. Speaking of, s there anything you would like to change or add in the site ?

- Well to be honest this site is wonderfull and have a lot of wonderfull people on it. The only thing I would like to add in the site is more members so that everyone can feel the love we try to share.

5. Ooooh yes, that would be lovely. And more the users, more chances to see new hats from them. Hm ? Nope, i didn't say anything for hats *coughs*
Alright this question is always interesting. Because we have many different replies from everyone !
If you could be queen for a day, what would be an action that you would do ?

- If I would be Queen for a day, I would probably throw some people in the dungeons I won't say names. I would spread some love and appreciation by sending everyone a nice message about how much they are appreciated and loved. Every single person works hard to make WoA what it is today and I have to say we are one big family and every one is appreciated. No matter how big or small you are.

Well that was lovely. I really liked the time we passed during this interivew !

Again, glad to have you with us this week, lady Sardothien *nods*

That's all folks !
I hope you all liked this interview and can't wait to see you next time with our new guest. Until then, have a great week !!!

Written by: Kendel Farwynn
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Betrina Baggins

Betrina Baggins fab interview!!!

Lynea Sardothien

Lynea Sardothien Oh!!! That's my mum! Amazing job Kendel

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