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Welcome back! I hope you all are ready and excited for this post again! Today we are back at it once again with the shows to watch. This week we are featuring one show, that is close to my heart. Many of you might already know it by the photos about, but some of you may not. Do keep in mind, this show is not for those who don't like "scary" things. I hope you are ready, take a seat relax and enjoy.

A virus spead across the world, one that no one fully knew what it was at the start. All they knew was if someone died the became a ravinous creature that craved eating flesh, from humans to animals. Now, the show starts out a bit slow but never fear it does pick up after a while. Within the first bit you see a deputy sheriff taking on some robbers with his partner and best friend. Though things don't end up well for the deputy. What is his name you may ask? Well, none other than Rick Grimes of course. Many months after being shot he wakes up in the hospital, alone. Of course, he has no idea what was going on while he was out. But that didn't last long, though he was rather dazed and confused still he soon found a room filled with "zombies" or as in the walking dead walkers, biters, geeks, Cold bodies, creepers, dead ones, floaters, laimbrains, lurkers, monsters, rotters, roamers, and skin eatter. Though mainly you hear walker used.

In total there are 9 seasons of the walking dead that you can watch. Though, they have renewed the searies for a tenth seaason. There are many things that have to do with this series that you can watch as well, Talking Dead where they discuss about the show and what has happened. And even fear the walking dead, which at some point you do see various characters from The Walking Dead happen to popin. Now back to the show, throughout all 8 seasons you come across various villians, from Shane whom had beef with Rick due to being in live with Rick's wife Lori. Though I don't understand that, at all. To one of the most famouly known villains of the series Negan the leader of the saviors. I think this show is enticing and will have you on the edge of your seat as you begin to watch it more and more, and I do hope you go and check it out! Though, I will warn you, there are a few characters who you will instantly hate... I for sure found a few.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog, and I hope to see some comments in which show or move you would like to see next!

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Anya Caidh

Anya Caidh I keep starting this show and just never finishing it...I seriously need to!

James Griffiths

James Griffiths OH! I love the walking dead, it's my favorite show <3 great post

Tharrack Warstone

Tharrack Warstone Oh awesome post!! Such a spooky show!

Irene Bea

Irene Bea I started watching the walking dead, but stopped in the 3rd season or so. just couldn't cope with the governor.... great article though!

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