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Looking for a new book to read? Like fantasy and dragons? Check out this blog post.

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Book: Seraphina
Author: Rachel Hartman
Rating: Written for ages 12+
Looking for a book with a strong female protagonist? This one is for you! Seraphina is a strong character who faces challenges and overcomes them. I really recommend this job for fans of fantasy books and fans of dragon stories.
"In the Kingdom of Goredd, humans and dragons (who can assume human form) live side-by-side in an uneasy alliance. When the human crown prince is murdered, it appears that dragons are at fault. Young Seraphina, a court musician, finds herself drawn into the investigation as she harbors a secret: she herself is half-dragon, and if she's found out, she would be in serious danger. Along with its follow-up, Shadow Scale, this book is perfect for fans of dragon books who worry that the tropes were starting to get a bit creaky." (Reedsy).

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Emilie Lockwood

Emilie Lockwood I love this!

Benoch Valtheon

Benoch Valtheon I really love these blog posts! I'm always up for new book ideas! The picture summary (is that right) are awesome, too! Woop!

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