Stuff Saturday
Come and see what our wonderful Vaermina Moonshadow had to say in her little interview!

- From : Leilani Atherton


Hello there !
Welcome to the weekly blog articles " Stuff Saturday ". I'm Kendel and together we're going through interviews around the stuff memebers of our lovely site.
We will find interesting facts about them, why they're here and their purpose and of course anything else we can find *nods*

Today we have Vaermina Moonshadow, a golden dragon rider and Head of Du Vrangr Gata !


Good afternoon lady Moonshadow. Glad to have you with us tonight. And oh my, is that a dragon you have there ? *stares to the huge creature she brought with her*. I must say they are my weakness !!! But we will return to this subject later. So, ready to start ?

- Oh, hello *tries to act casual* I will of course answer your questions. Don't mind Vokun, he's a softy really.

1. I dont mind Voku-, *The dragon roars so Kendel steps away*
The first is always a general question. What or who draw you to join in this wonderful site, full of legends and adventures ?

- I was drawn by the land, the dragons, mystical atmosphere. A new world with new possibilities. I had read only the first book Eragon but it was still enough to draw me into a more unique take on dragons in a fantasy world. Maps, legends, lore and languages are all here to use for our adventures.

2. I know, right ? It's such a fantastic world to be in. Especially the legends !
Do you blind people with your gold color ? I'm sure you do !

- I dazzle people without the gold ;) with it? well, look away now


3. Oh my, at least you warned me *rubs his eyes*
As a dragon rider what's your dragon's name ? And what do you most enjoy doing with him/her ?

- My dragon is named Vokun, he's been with me for a century now and he never stops growing. I like sitting with him to listen to his thoughts. He's quite humourous if you could only hear it. Flying above Alagaesia is wonderful too.

4. Wow, to be honest i would like to hear a joke from a dragon. That would be quite interesting adventure to have !!!
Is there anything you would like to change or add in the site ?

- No changes but I will add things. There are plans brewing and I can't wait for Du Vrangr Gata to show you!


5. She said it ! You heard it first here, big plans coming soon !!!
And speaking for plans, if you could be queen for a day, what would be an action that you would do ?

- Queen would be delightful.. oh, the possibilities... *gets lost in her imagination with a crown and jewels and Faerthurin by her side* - oh, sorry. I drifted off. I'm not sure what I would do. That's a lot of power... but.. I guess I would start by spreading the power of the Empire.

*Nods and prepares a rook to send to his allies to be sure they are ready* I see i see. That was a good reply, hm hm *coughs*


That's all folks ! I hope you all liked this interview and can't wait to see you next week with *the connections cuts off*

Written by: Kendel Farwynn
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Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock This was amazing!

Anya Caidh

Anya Caidh Fantastic article! I love all the interview questions!

Lynea Sardothien

Lynea Sardothien Well done Kendel!

Vaermina Moonshadow

Vaermina Moonshadow this was a lot of fun XD thank you for the interview, Kendel

Luke Oakley

Luke Oakley Great Article Kendel :D

Colton Bradshaw

Colton Bradshaw Lovely article, keep it up Kendel! :D

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