The Riders!
Good afternoon, my fellow readers of the realm!!! Welcome to the last... oh my it's the last one... *cries a river* well the last article of "The Riders"! I'm Kendel and together we're going to have an interview with Vincent Knight and his dragon!!!
 Let's take a look below!

- From : Valeera Rahl



Good afternoon, my fellow readers of the realm !!! Welcome to the last... oh my it's the last one... *cries a river* well the last article of " The Riders " ! I'm Kendel and together we're going to have an interview with Vincent Knight and his dragon !!!
Let's take a look below !

1. Thank you for having time to do this interview. I will with the classic questions we had before, but what it matters is the uniques answers !!! How the idea to become a Dragon Rider came in your mind ?
- When I was a baby my parents and my older brother would tell me all about dragon riders. They would teach me everything that I ever wanted to know so I've always known about them.

2. Wow, so it was a long dream that finally came true. Damn you're lucky. How you got your dragon egg ?
- When I was in my teens, a strange man exchanged an egg for some items. I was curious to as what the egg was and so I decided to take up the offer. The one thing my family didn't teach me about the dragons were the eggs. And so I didn't know what they looked like. All I knew about eggs was when the true dragon rider touches the eggs then the egg would hatch. Otherwise, if the dragon hadn't met it's true owner they would stay in the egg.

3. Well, glad it was your dragon after all and not someone's else. Otherwise you had to search again. When the little creature broke the egg, what were the first things it did?
- The first thing it tried to do was stand up. But when it did he sneezed which let out a huge fire ball and fell back down. It took him a second to collect his strength again before he stood up again and slowly made his way over to me.

4. How you felt the first time you talked with your dragon in your mind ?
- When I first talked to my dragon I found it extremely cool. I already knew about the powers and connections a dragon rider has with it's dragon but I never truly understood it until the first time I spoke to him.

5. Ooooh, so you knew how it would be at the end. And to close the interview, mention your favorite habbit.
- I'd say every morning I go to my favorite tree and I read with him sleeping right under. After I finish reading, I'd jump off the tree and grab food from my pouch. Then I'd have him do tricks and play with him while I feed him the food.

A morning at the nature... that's the spirit after all !

Thank you very much to participate and for your time too. That was a pretty well interview to have and i hope our readers had a great time on these blogs about dragon riders. I will see you next time with new series. Take care !!!


Written by: Kendel Farwynn
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Emilie Lockwood

Emilie Lockwood This is amazing! Great work, Kendel!

Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock LOVED

Lynea Sardothien

Lynea Sardothien Love it Kendel! Vincent, do come back, Aiedail misses her friend

Anais Sardothien

Anais Sardothien What a lovely interview :D

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