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A new video, a contest, a party, and a big prize! Learn about all this in the following blog post. Please comment if you enjoyed this posting.

- From : Jodēi Zaleski

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Hello everyone!
I have a LOT to cover today and I want to make sure you catch ALL of it. So please read very carefully. You have a chance to win a CRAZY big prize.

Announcement One: Anniversary Video

The first thing I would like to show off is our new WoA Anniversary Video. I worked hard to collect some of your favorite WoA memories and turn them into a video.
Please check it out and leave a comment on YouTube!


Announcement Two: The Contest

This is the part you've all been waiting for! The contest! The contest is simple, use social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to find the best party items to use at the WoA Anniversary Party. You will need to select: a cake, decorations, an invitation, and a party game. You will be playing the role of an event planner.

So just to reiterate, you must find a cake, decorations, an invitation, and a party game. You will send the URLs to these images to Jodei Zaleski.

The 27th of May!
Tharrack Warstone, Benoch Valtheon and I will be voting on a winner May 28th.
You didn't think I'd have you plan a party without having a REAL party, did you? We will be hosting a fun, informal party on May 29th in In-Game Chat. This is just going to be a little goofy party so just pop in when you can! No pressure to write long responses, just have fun. The winner of the contest will have their ideas used in the party and will be expected to help host. The party will open at 2:00 pm BST (British Standard Time/United Kingdom) which is 3:00 pm CEST (Netherlands).
(you can't use my example): I found this image of a cake on Pinterest that I think would be perfect for a WoA Anniversary Party (mostly just because I think it's adorable). I would take this image's URL and send it to Jodei Zaleski (ooh that's ME). cake

So what is the prize for sending in these event plans? This is where it gets REALLY EXCITING. WoA has not yet launch graduate classes or a chance for graduates to earn degrees or certifications. This prize changes that... Told you it was going to be big. The winner of this contest and the host of our fabulous party will earn a certification in Event Planning. What does this actually mean? It means that when you graduate from your classes, you will already have a certification to call yourself an "Event Planner". For non-graduates, you can become an Event Planner and use your certification after you graduate. For graduates, you can start using it instantly. You'll be able to write that you are a certified event planner in your profile/backstory and you can use it as your job! Imagine saying that you plan royal banquets or balls for a living!!!! You'll also receive some fabulous food items as well because I'm not ridiculous.

I know this contest is a LOT to take in. I hope I explained it all okay! If you have questions please ask them in the comments because I'm sure others will have the same questions.

Just to repeat, the submissions are due on the 27th, voting will take place on the 28th, and the party will take place on the 29th and continue basically until it fizzles out.



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Eryan Alasia

Eryan Alasia Oh interesting...

Diana May

Diana May Oh my god! This is sooo cool! Pictures coming right up!

Benoch Valtheon

Benoch Valtheon Oooo, I'm so excited!!!

Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock Cool!

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