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come read and see what Charlie had to say while he was being interview.

- From : Leilani Atherton


Hello there !
Welcome to the weekly blog articles " Stuff Saturday ". I'm Kendel and together we're going through interviews around the stuff memebers of our lovely site.
We will find interesting facts about them, why they're here and their purpose and of course anything else we can find *nod*

Today we have the trainer of Wilderness Survival, Charlie Androuet !


Good afternoon Charlie.
First of all i'm glad you had time to make this interview ! I have to admit your last name is quite unique and it speaks of nobility *nods*

- ( Allow me just to intercept there - Everyone should know by now that I am indeed worthy of a Lordship title. I have spent time in the King's Council myself *shudders* but it is the Royals and the Nobles that keep such titles from me, perhaps a revolution is needed, ey ? )

I see I see. For the first question, we have a general one. And that is what made you want to be a part of this site ?

- Thar dragging my sorry behind here? Does that count? No no. Thar and I are fairly close (despite our enemy relation - which to be honest it makes it all the more fun) and he had been telling me of the site he was opening up. I have always been fascinated with the times of the ancient royals and medieval practices and times itself. So I joined on up, twas refreshing when it came to the countdown of launch. So I joined and checked out the site and then became CE when the opportunity arose and that, was when The King and I explored a whole new level of enemy relation. I have never looked back since.

2. That's so warm. Glad you keep being here with us !
And here we come to a similar one, why you chose to be a trainer of Wilderness Survival? And include if there was another dream that you wanted to achieve.

- Oh goodness, I had many dreams but in all honesty, it is rather hard to achieve said dreams when you are sat in a cell for all eternity. To those who do not know, Tharrack chucked me into a cell for speaking the truth in Alagaesia Reports. Teaching cadets was the last thing I wanted but the King came to me with a proposal. I teach the cadets all I know about Survival, he releases me from the stinking cell. You can imagine what I chose! My wandering days had proved me well and I do not believe there is anyone currently more equipped than I to each this role.

3. What ? I mean... yes i can understand the situation *coughs*
Ahm... next question, next question... oh yes, here it is. This might be the hardest one so far and none have decided yet. What's your favorite food ?

-Pah easy. Any kind of broth. When in the wild you need to be able to cook simplistic and easy meals. Broths are easy and nutritious to make if you get them right. So yes for practicality and flavour, I would say broths.

4. Well i didn't know that. It's always a good way to give information like this to our readers. Who knows, perhaps they will be out there in nature and survive of your tip !!!
I forgot to ask you before, what's the best part of this site ? Is there anything you would change ?

- The best part of the site is the loving community we have going on here, whilst small, we all chip in as and when needed and honestly, I could not think of a better family to do that with. No, I believe I would change nothing. Also - shout out here - APPLY FOR JOBS FOLKS! Okay, I'm done.

5. What are you waiting for ? *stares to the audience*. Go apply !!!
And to close the interview i noticed something. You have a status and i'm quite curious to ask how unique is it to be a Master Swordsman ?

- OOG: Thus far I believe I am the only one with the status on site so quite unique yes.

IG: I trained for many many years to master the sword. Once you train the way I have, and I mean tirelessly, you could then hope to master. The sword is now just an extension of my arm, beware.

*Steps away from lord Androuet*
Yes yes i can... i can see that. I wouldn't go against your sword abilities ( yet ! )


That's all folks !
I hope you all liked this interview and can't wait to see you next week with our new guest who will be... *drum rolls*... i'm not going to tell you of course *laughs hysterical*
You will have to wait !!!

Written by: Kendel Farwynn
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Benoch Valtheon

Benoch Valtheon Excuse me we have the same status *rolls eyes*

Dalmar Dremaeon

Dalmar Dremaeon Very interesting to read!

Tharrack Warstone

Tharrack Warstone Surprisingly a delightful interview to read!

Charlie Androuet

Charlie Androuet Pleasure to be interviewed.

Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock I loooooooved this interview!

Anais Sardothien

Anais Sardothien Nice interview Kendel and Charlie ♡♡ it was a lot of fun to read :)

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