A Glimpse into Itylra Eiljor
Have you ever wondered about what the Virtuoso is? WELL... I managed to sneak some time with the Master of The Artists and find out a little more!

- From : Tharrack Warstone




Hello Hello Everyone! Today I managed to bump into the sweetheart that is your Virtuoso and ask her some questions! I hope you enjoy getting to know the person behind our lovely Terragon a little better!



""I've been looking for you since I heard my first Fairytale."


What do you do around the Stronghold?
I provide the art for the site! I work with the staff and the younger children in the stronghold and create items that they would love to see in the shops. I also try and provide a welcoming and happy attitude to the people in the stronghold.


I also provide illustrations for people that ask for something in regards to articles, books and even work on some secret things on the site that should be coming out soon! So keep watching for some new illustrations to come out!

What do you like most about being the Stronghold?
I love the welcoming attitude. I absolutely love the people that come in ready to learn and work hard! There is also the fact of the warm family love and friendship that is around the stronghold. And then of course the helpfulness of everyone around here.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
F-fun fact? I..uh... I knit? I also love butterflies..and um..gardening. I also get embarrassed rather easily..and um.. *blushes and covers face embarrassed*


What are your pets?
No pets, but I do love animals. I just fear that I don't have the time to give them all the love they need. And I want to give the love they deserve to something that I bring into my life like that.




 Anything extra you would like to share with us?
Um.. e-extra.. I love colors. All colors of the rainbow.. and my favorite season is Autumn because of the changing of the colors from bright and beautiful to warm and lovely. I also..very much l-love someone..um.. *blushes again and hides behind hands*


Wow! Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself and what you do! I know a lot of people are excited for your amazing artwork! Keep your eyes peeled for more insights into the fabulous staff here on site!




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Itylra Eiljor

Itylra Eiljor *blushes* thank you everyone

Ryfon Aejyre

Ryfon Aejyre You're too cute ~

Tharrack Warstone

Tharrack Warstone I loved this!

Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock Amazing!

Anya Caidh

Anya Caidh Awww haha fantastic responses Itylra <3 I loved getting to know you more!

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