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- From : Leilani Atherton

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Issue: 002 Lilibeth Valtheon

Hello, hello welcome to an all new blog post, from the queen of plants and Tyrus' heart. I wanted to do a little spin on what Jodei used to do, but this time I thought we would feature a show! Now these can range from shows that are pretty close to the Eragon series itself or to just something that has nothing to do with it as well. I hope you sit back, relax and enjoy! Up first we are going to cover a series that is close to my heart, one that Since this has been my obession for the past... I don't even know how many months now, I figured why not feature this one... I mean, after all, it is a pretty good show! Plus, if you are a fan of it... why not go join the wonderful site that is it featured around as well! Let's dive into a bit about the show, why I like it and why there are some parts I don't like.

Do you like demons? What about, angels, vampires, skinwalkers, werewolves or even dragons?! Yes, you heard right... I said dragons. Then this might be just the show for you, though there are MANY more supernatural creatures than the ones I have named, these are just a few of them that you will come across in the 14 seasons that are currently on air. This series will bring you through a range of emotions, and let me just warn you, don't be shocked when someone dies... It's only natural... But, I mean... If your a Winchester, death is something that you seem to easily be able to avoid. BUT, that's not all this show is about... This show does have supernatural creatures, and it does follow a pair of hunters who travel around different parts of the United States to take care of things that normal people don't even know are real.

Though, I must warn, once you watch the end of season 14... your gonna be so mad... Mainly due to the fact that, well, it leaves off on a MAJOR cliff hanger. Through 14 seaons of one show, you see the characters as they grow, and even as they hit their lows. It generally becomes apart of your life... Because trust me, once you start... It is way to hard to stop... It starts out with Dean Winchester going to get his brother Sam, who left the hunting life to go to college. Dean only goes to get his brother, due to the fact that their father has gone missing and Dean needs help finding him. Throught all of the seaons, you follow them and see as they make deals with demons... to even see them met Lucifer...

They have saved the word countless of times, not just by themselves, but with their faithful angel Castiel at their side. Though, now.. well... I won't go into to much detail because I don't want to spoil anything for people who aren't that far but... just be prepaird to have your feelings messed with in ways you never thought were possible. I give this show a 10 out of 10, even though it has MAJORLY messed with my feelins, it is always well written and there are even some improvised scenes that are just... FANTASTIC and I just cannot see the episode without them.... THOUGH don't forget, there was a time when they did a cross over with none other than Scooby-Doo! That was an awesome episode! I hope you enjoyed this weeks, shows to watch stay tunned next week when I figure out what else I want to talk about.
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Lynea Sardothien

Lynea Sardothien Hahahaha, is it bad that I still haven't watched it? Even after all this time?

Sylvanas Olasandorell

Sylvanas Olasandorell Of course this is first pick :p

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