Where is my pie?! (End)
Finally finding out who won the small challenge!

- From : Leilani Atherton

The pies have been found, and i have to say I am one happy lady again... I mean, a sweet sweet slice of pie... It amazaing and wonderful all in it's own. We had one little lady quickly find all slices and she was even the only one who found them all. But befure I tell you who won, lets see where all of the pies were, shall we?

1. The article
2. Lilibeth's wall
3. The start box
4. Creatures of Alagaesia Class Year 1
5. Magic Class Year 5
6. Archery Class Year 4
7. Benoch's PT
8. Melyna's PT
9. Lilibeth's History
10. Lynea's History
11. Charlie's PT
12. Charlie's History
13. Brittany's Wall
14. Sylvanas' Wall
15. Sylvanas' History
16. Wilderness Survival Class Year 7

Okay now, let' get to our winner shall we, the only one who sent in all 16 of the pies and the correct location is other than...

Irene Bea

Benoch Valtheon
500 GOLD

250 GOLD

Now saduly this is all I got for entries, so the third place funds just stay with the king I guess... Anyways I hope you enjoyed! Those of you who won, you will get your prizes here shortly.
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Emely Montgomery

Emely Montgomery Whoop whoop

Betrina Baggins

Betrina Baggins ah well done!!!

Kendel Farwynn

Kendel Farwynn Congrats to everyone !!! :3

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