Updates & A Cry For Help
How can you help WoA? What has the Social-Media Team been up to?

- From : Jodēi Zaleski



How Can You Help?

Hello! The Social-Media Team is hard at work promoting WoA on Social-Media, but we can't do it alone. What do you think makes WoA great? Why should other people join the site?

Send your answers to these questions by Rook to Jodēi Zaleski, Shawn Craft, or Kendel Farwynn! Your quote will be featured in an Instagram post!
ALSO- We are working on a new Instagram post series! For these posts, we are looking for pictures of your Inheritance Cycle books in weird places. For example, in a tree, or at a famous landmark, or in a shopping carriage. The weirder the better! PLEASE participate. I think this could be really great but we NEED your help. 
Send your pictures by Rook to Jodēi Zaleski, Shawn Craft, or Kendel Farwynn! Your picture will be featured on Instagram. 
NOTE: Pictures should not include your face. Not because I don't want to see how beautiful you are :P, but because I would like to protect your privacy. 

What Have We Been Up To?

The Social-Media Team has been buzzing around busily this week! You can expect to see three new blog series in the coming weeks: "The Dragon's Lair Hair", "Eccentric Exchanges", and "The Book Blog". Plus, a blog post from the talented, Kendel Farwynn!

You may have also noticed that our Instagram now features highlights! You can click on these highlights to view previous Instagram Stories. Each highlight represents a different category! Keep an eye on Instagram, there are going to be surprise questions in Instagram Stories. If you answer the questions, your answers will be featured in the Instagram highlights!

We also have a new Instagram activity called, "Caption This". This activity was created by Kendel Farwynn. It's pretty simple, Kendel will select an image and you will all have a chance to write a caption for that image. The best caption wins!

But what about Facebook? Shawn Craft has been hard at work coming up with ideas for Facebook! You can look forward to seeing some amazing recipes and posts interviewing staff members on their favorite parts of their job!

We are so excited to share all of our hard work with you! Please show your support for this site and for this amazing team by participating in the activities and posts we are working so hard to create.

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Anais Sardothien

Anais Sardothien Sounds like you have been very busy ♡ great work all

Zebulun Angove

Zebulun Angove You are doing an amazing job! Love it!

Tharrack Warstone

Tharrack Warstone So exciting!! I can't wait to join in xD

Vali Lialamin

Vali Lialamin Ah so exciting, everyone should check out all the posts that are made they are a lot of fun and cute to look at! <3

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