The Riders
Good afternoon, my fellow readers of the realm !!! Welcome to the second article of "The Riders"! I'm Kendel and together we're going to have an epic journey through the dragon-riders of the site!

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Good afternoon, my fellow readers of the realm !!! Welcome to the second article of " The Riders " ! I'm Kendel and together we're going to have an epic journey through the dragon-riders of the site. You will be able to learn everything about their dragons and the experiences they had from the moment they took their eggs until the flew on them. Today we will have the stunning Head of Du Vrangr Gata Lynea Sardothien and her dragon, Aiedail ! I hope you all have a good time reading it !!!

1. How the idea to become a Dragon Rider came in your mind?
~ Well, it never occured to me that I could be one. I was still adjusting to my new life and my new family when it suddenly happened. I knew my sister Venya was a Dragon Rider, so I guess that made me get interested in how the bond between a Dragon and its Rider would be, but really becoming one myself. That was more of an accident than that it was really planned.

2. How you got your dragon egg?
~ One day I was visiting an elven city with my sister and her dragon Kanin. They were holding an egg-presenting ceremony where young elves could walk down the eggs and see if something would happen. I immediatly fell drawn the the small white egg in the middle and when I took it in my arms, it hatched. The officials weren't very pleased with me, but when a dragon chooses his Rider, you can't really stop them.

3. When the little creature broke the egg, what were the first things it did?
~ Well, when Aiedail hatched, she looked around rather curious. I guess I can understand her, after all she just entered a whole her world. She also allowed me to touch her, which is how I got my mark. Even back them Aiedail was easily scared but very curious and that was very visible when she hatched.

4. How you felt the first time you talked with your dragon in your mind?
~ Well, at first it was very weird. I was used to feeling the minds of others as I was trained in magic and constantly had my mind open to feel any danger coming close. But when she tried to communicate, it was so weird. It was the first time someone tried to communicate with my in my mind. I tried to shield myself until I realised it was my dragon trying to tell me she was hungry and bored. The first real words she spoke to me were my name and her own. She tried to contact me and together we agreed on the name Aiedail, which she proposed.

5. Mention your favorite habbit. It might be flying on the back of your dragon or anything else.
~ The favourite things I do with Aiedail are both flying and swimming. It feels amazing when you can fly on your dragon's back and know you are completely save. It gives a certain kind of freedom you can only understand as a Rider. And swimming feels about the same way. Just flowing through the water, knowing you are save and have your soulmate close. It's hard to describe, but it feels really great.

Bonus: In case of war, would you lead your dragon into battle ?
~ Well, that would be discussed between me and Aiedail. The first instinct for the both of us is to protect each other, but we'd never let each other go to war without joining them ourselves. So in time of war, I guess Aiedail and I will discuss our position in war together, wether to fight or remain behind.

That was all for today, hope to see you next time with more dragon tales !!!


Written by: Kendel Farwynn
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Taliyah Dragmoreus

Taliyah Dragmoreus Great job, Kendel!

Lynea Sardothien

Lynea Sardothien That you for interviewing me Kendel. It was really fun!

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