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Lilibeth Valtheon
Hello, hello welcome to an all new blog post, from the queen of plants and Tyrus' heart. I wanted to do a little spin on what Jodei used to do, but this time I thought we would feature a show! Now these can range from shows that are pretty close to the Eragon series itself or to just something that has nothing to do with it as well. I hope you sit back, relax and enjoy! Up first we are going to cover a series that is close to my heart, one that I have seen LITTERALLY every single episode of, some many, many, many, times over and over again. The series follows a team of people who work for the FBI, they use their skills in profiling to find serial killers and even sometimes help find those who have been kidnapped. Still don't know what show I am talking about? Well, it is simple and I will tell you more below so keep reading...

Take a dive into a series about crime. Do you like watching bad guys get locked up? What about a team that works so well together they are like family to one another? Heck, do you even like a girl who can pretty much hack into any server she wants to? Well then I think this could be the series for you. With 14 seasons currently, you will never grow bored! Though, don't get to attached please do though because it is an amazing series because this amazing series ends with season 15. Through the years you follow the team, at first things seem just... well normal for them. They fly all over the country to help various police departments solve crimes and murders that maybe to difficult for them.

Though as the years with the team progress, you see things slowly begin to become more personal for them and even their families are a target of some very evil people. Though I want to give you more about this series, I think you just need to check it out yourself... Plus, who knows maybe there will be some actors through the seasons that you will recoginze from other TV shows. I will give you a couple of hints, I have noticed at least TWO actors from The Walking Dead and at least ONE actor from Supernatural. ;) Where they are and what seaons is on you to figure out... Take a look below to get some insite into this truly amazing show and I hope you love it as much as I do!


I give this show a 8 out of 10. Only because well, it messed with my feels to much and we cannot have that... I mean... I don't wanna be sat on my couch and ugly crying... Though... That happens A LOT anymore... So many shows truly are amazing and when you lose a character or something of the sort... It is HARD to not be emotional... I hope you enjoyed today's blog post and stay tuned for next weeks. Please, if you want to see a certain movie or TV show featured in this blog leave a comment below!
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