A Glimpse into Melyna Merlock

- From : Luke Oakley

Hello and Welcome to another blog!

Today we will be interviewing the lovely Melyna Merlock!



I had the ever so wonderful pleasure of talking to the wonderful Melyna Merlock about her wonderful class. Read below to find out more about the ever so interesting Politics and Negotiations!

What class do you teach?


"I teach Politics and Negotiations!"

Give us a brief description of your class.

"Well, we experience a lot of politics and negotiations in our daily lives. Not only on great scale, it’s also in the small things. I want to teach everyone what the subject is, give them an idea and maybe even show them how to negotiate on their own and being able to handle their situations in a decent and political way. "

What is your favorite lesson that you have taught so far this year?

"Hmm.. let’s see. I’m not sure. For the lessons that have already been done, I’d say my lesson about small villages. I come from one myself, and I loved showing something about its politics etcetera! But my all time favourite is yet to come.. ;)"

Can you give us a small glimpse into your class?

"Why of course! It’s a little piece of when I overslept and it was... humiliating, yet apparently funny for everyone else! “Week 9. Melyna Merlock had yet again overslept. The second time in a few weeks, which normally never happened. She was on time, though, only was she forced to comb her hair and make her face less sleepy in class. Please, don't come in when I'm busy with my hair.. it's a mess... And it was a mess. A terrible one, too. Next to that, her prayers had not been heard and everyone came in, staring at their trainer trying to fix her red hair. Melyna saw them staring via her mirror and turned around. "I am so sorry," she said whilst her face turned red. "I overslept..." Everyone giggled and took their seats. Pffft, she thought.” "

How many years is your class?

"My class is 7 years! I can’t wait to continue teaching."

Thank you Mel for your interview! We'll be back soon with another one! :D

(Credit to Amelle for the Interview.) 9fXj68E.gif
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Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock Yay! ♥

Diana May

Diana May great article by the way!

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