Kendel The Elf
Welcome to a new blog by Kendel Farwynn! A series where he will cover many subjects for you to find out in the future. This blog he will discuss 'elf stereotypes' in a very creative and funny way. You should definitely check it out and read further!

- From : Melyna Merlock

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Sky Sky

Sky Sky Amazing. I loved it!!!!

Torrmund Arbnori

Torrmund Arbnori Wonderful!

Esmeralda Vanvathar

Esmeralda Vanvathar Love this!! brilliant work Kendel and I can understand where your coming from ❤️

Rohan Paidin

Rohan Paidin So you are like KendElf? (:

Melinde Chirac

Melinde Chirac great job, Kenedal!!!

Vaermina Moonshadow

Vaermina Moonshadow ahaha, I love this XD <3

Taliyah Dragmoreus

Taliyah Dragmoreus Great job, Kendel!! ❤️ I love this and is totally real xD

Tharrack Warstone

Tharrack Warstone Brilliant!!

William Glackin

William Glackin loved this!!!

Melyna Merlock

Melyna Merlock This was so funny! I'm not an elf, but I can imagine how confusing it must be!

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